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Tailored Braces. Customized Care.

a modern clinic for
personalized orthodontic care

We believe in …

Cutting-Edge Technology

Porth was founded to provide high quality orthodontic care tailored to use novel technologies. The treatments we offer are based on scientific evidence.

Personalized Care

Orthodontic treatment can be a one time experience in life. Stories of wearing braces are passed through generations. Therefore, it is Porth’s mission to make these personalized gifts fun, positive and unique.

Customized Service

At Porth we believe that your journey to improve your smile should be individually tailored based on your expectations, interests, and financial needs. We also believe that patient education helps develop personalized care and is at the core of our practice




Sammamish Orthodontist Rooz

Dr. Rooz is among less than 1% orthodontists who was also trained in both public health and basic sciences. He is an assistant professor at the department of orthodontics, University of Washington where he conducts research studies and teaches at graduate and undergraduate levels. He practices at Personalized Orthodontics in Sammamish as well as the UW faculty practice.

Rooz Khosravi, DMD, MSD, PhD

At Porth we are excited to be a part of your smile journey. We love to work with parents as they explore options for their child’s treatment, as well as adults looking to improve their smiles. The Porth team takes great pride in offering personalized care to all of our patients, including affordable ways to start treatment. Our clinic is brand new, our technology is cutting edge and our care is customized.

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aesthetic orthodontic treatment

Invisalign (clear plastic trays)

lingual braces (behind the teeth)

ceramic braces (clear)

conventional orthodontic treatment

phase one (early braces for children)

metal braces (children & teens)

Invisalign teens (clear plastic trays)

adult orthodontic treatment

lingual braces (behind the teeth)

Invisalign adult (clear plastic trays)

accelerated orthodontics (fast braces)

orthodognathic surgery (jaw surgery)

sleep apnea treatment

Dr. Rooz and his team strive to provide exceptional quality orthodontic care, working with specialists and dentists in Sammamish, Issaquah and Redmond.

Patients’ experiences with Dr. Rooz