How to choose the best orthodontist near me?

A guide for families

It may seem overwhelming to know where to start when you are considering orthodontic treatment. With so many options available, choosing the clinic and orthodontist near you that fit your preferences can be intimidating.

How to choose the best orthodontist near me? What if I don’t get along with the doctor or the team? What if it becomes difficult to schedule follow-up appointments because the clinic doesn’t work with my schedule? What if I get locked into unexpected charges? Or they don’t offer a financial plan that works for me?

All these questions and concerns are legitimate. So, to help address these items, and eliminate the stress that comes with making the right choice for your orthodontic care, we provide you the following step-by-step Guide on How to Choose An Orthodontist near me


Compile a list of the orthodontists near your area.

  • Ask for referrals from your dentist, who will recommend people he or she works with on a regular basis.

  • Ask for recommendations from your family and friends.

  • Search for local board-certified orthodontists online. Use resources like this Board Certified Orthodontist Locator – just plug in your town and state or your ZIP code and find the most qualified professionals near you.

Find out more information about each practice on your list.

  • Both orthodontists and general dentists can offer orthodontic treatment.

  • Review each orthodontist’s website near you and social media. Do they provide what you’re searching for? Are they easy to reach? Do they seem to use the most updated technology?

  • Read their reviews on social media. This step might be the most important, as it shows you other people’s real life experiences with each provider.

  • It’s a good idea to make sure that the orthodontist near you is board certified – look up their name on the Board Certified Orthodontist Locator.


Narrow your list and schedule an exam and consultation with your final choices.

  • Limiting your list to three choices is a good start. Any more providers on your list makes it harder to select one.

  • Based on what you learned going through previous steps, schedule a consultation with the three top choices.

  • Many orthodontists provide free or low cost initial consultations, so schedule yours. It’s good to shop around!

Ask before you choose.

  • After the initial consultation note whether the orthodontist listens to your concerns and if you feel comfortable with the provider and the team.

  • The family orthodontist should be able to explain your treatment issue to you in great detail. You must have a good understanding of it after your consultation.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask other questions, whether it’s about treatment (type or length) or costs. You deserve to be educated about your treatment and receive the best service possible.

  • Make sure you are well informed and completely comfortable before you sign a treatment contract.

10 essential questions to ask at or after your orthodontic exam to identify the best orthodontist near me:

  1. How do you develop treatment plans and options?

  2. What do my treatment plan options entail?

  3. What are the pros and cons of each treatment option?

  4. What are the consequences if I choose to not move forward with the treatment?

  5. How is the treatment cost determined? What’s the breakdown of mine?

  6. What payment options are available to me?

  7. Do you accept my insurance plan?

  8. Would your clinic hours work with my schedule?

  9. Do you personally do all the orthodontic work on your patients or will some of the work be done by your staff? If so, what is their level of expertise?

  10. What follow-up appointments should I anticipate with my treatment?

Orthodontists can change your jaw and alignment of your teeth, and with it they change your outlook on life, boost your confidence and help you smile more. Get the smile of your dreams by visiting an orthodontist for a consultation!

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