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Invisalign or Braces for Teens

Braces or Invisalign for Teens

Never Miss School for Your Orthodontic Appointment

All of the adult teeth are out between ages 11 and 14 years old, and teeth move more easily at this age than in adulthood. This makes adolescence a great time to start orthodontic care in order to improve the smile and align the teeth. Additionally, orthodontic care at this age can utilize the natural growth to correct skeletal issues. Skeletal changes in adults is often feasible through a surgical approach.

Dr. Rooz provides Invisalign Teen and a variety of braces for teens.

Conventional Metal Braces

The technology of fabricating conventional metal braces has significantly improved in the last 30 years. The brackets used now are a smaller size so that they do not bother the cheeks as much as the larger ones did in the past. Porth has a variety of colors available to customize your braces at each adjustment based on the holidays or your general preference.

Invisalign Teens

The Invisalign appliance is a series of smart computer-designed plastic trays that slowly move teeth. Some advantages for this appliance choice include esthetic, limited diet restrictions, and the possibility to remove the appliance for certain activities – such as playing musical instruments.


Dr. Rooz recently published a study in the American Journal of Orthodontics, and has a deep understanding of how the Invisalign system works.

Esthetic Braces

Sammamish braces

These braces are made of ceramic which make them less visible. Color ties and patterns on these braces add another level of excitement to each adjustment visit. Think of choosing holiday colors or another theme!

Gold Braces

Sammamish Ortho Personalized

This option is for teenagers who prefer the look of gold in their fashion. Dr. Rooz offers low profile gold braces that can also be decorated with various colors at each adjustment appointment.

Financial information (Orthodontic treatment cost)

Braces for kids cost less than comprehensive orthodontic treatment for teens or adults. We also provide significant discount for our patients who continue their care for the second round of braces or Invisalign at our clinic. Additionally. Porth works with you to maximize your insurance benefits. Dr. Rooz is an in-network provider for some plans. We also submit claims on behalf of our patients for the majority of insurance providers.


We believe that orthodontic treatment should be tailored based on the patient’s financial needs. Porth offers numerous payment plans in order to eliminate any potential hardship with financial aspects of orthodontic care.