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Kids Early Orthodontic Evaluation

Early Orthodontic Evaluation for Children

7 years and older | First visit to an orthodontist

Early braces Sammamish

We know that you probably have a number of questions about your child’s orthodontic needs – everything from how to tell if your child will need braces, how growth and permanent teeth will change that picture and if the jaw is growing correctly. That’s totally normal, and we want to help ease your mind about this process!


Every child’s dental and facial features are unique and evolve throughout their childhood. We keep an eye on them to determine the best time to intervene, and help you know what to look out for as things progress. Your next question is probably..

When should a child see an orthodontist? What is the best age for a child to see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the first visit to occurs as early as 7 years old. Generally, when children are around 7 through 9 years old it is a great time for the first visit. The exception would be younger children who are referred by their dentist or pediatric specialist. Personalized Orthodontics (Porth) offers free consultations for early orthodontic treatment also referred as interceptive orthodontic treatment or phase I.


Dr. Rooz would love to meet you and your child. You will end up with a three dimensional model of your child’s bite for your memory collection and ease of mind if treatment is not warranted.

What is early orthodontic treatment?

Phase I or early orthodontic treatment is limited treatment, often around one year long, with a very specific focus. Treatment plans most often concentrate on guiding skeletal growth and dental development. Managing the space required required for adult teeth to replace baby teeth is the second common goal of braces early treatment.

What is the best age to get braces?

Age 7 – on average – is a great time for the first visit to an orthodontist. However, dental development (moving from baby teeth to adult teeth) does not always follow a child’s chronological age. Sometimes children with a mix of baby and adult teeth need orthodontic treatment because they are within a brief window of time in which growth can be utilized for the orthodontic treatment.

What is Phase 1 treatment and how it is going to benefit my child?

Phase 1 and interceptive treatment are other terms for early orthodontic treatment. This type of treatment aims to correct dental and skeletal problems using the growth and development of a child. A successful early braces treatment plan often addresses problems that require removal (extraction) of teeth to manage the spaces for adults teeth, or requires surgery to correct skeletal issues.

What is the age limit for getting braces?

There is no age limit for braces in kids. Treatment needs revolve around the dental and skeletal problems, which could be present in children in the age range of 5 to 9 years old.

What is the typical type of braces in kids?

The types of braces for kids are generally divided into two categories: removable or fixed appliances. Examples of these appliances are: lite version braces (only on front teeth), expander, habit appliance, or functional appliances (e.g., advanced sync or Herbst).


Still having question that is not covered here, feel free to email your question to Dr. Rooz.