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Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces in Sammamish

Braces behind the teeth

Braces placed behind the teeth offer you the option of straightening your teeth
behind the curtain, while eliminating the challenges that come with clear aligners.


The lingual braces treatment option combines the best outcome, unparalleled experience,
and use the latest technology for teens and adults.

Lingual braces Sammamish Porth Personalized Orthodontics

We offer a different approach to
invisible orthodontic treatment

Lingual braces FAQs

Are lingual braces comfortable?


It is a common, yet inaccurate, idea that lingual braces hurt more than other appliances because they are positioned close to the tongue. All orthodontic appliances require an
adjustment phase. Getting used to lingual braces takes about 3-4 weeks. At Porth, we provide specific instructions and tools on how to manage this adjustment phase.


Do lingual braces affect my speech?


Perhaps a little. Lingual braces affect speech similarly to how other appliances (such as Invisalign) do. The majority of patients find that their speech adjusts quickly, during those first 3-4 weeks, along with generally getting used to having braces.


Do lingual cost more (than conventional braces)?


The cost of lingual braces is higher from conventional braces or clear aligners. The lingual braces are the ultimate cosmetic approach to high quality orthodontic care rendered by a small group of orthodontics specialists. Generally speaking, the cost of treatment at Porth depends on the complexity of treatment and the patient’s goals for their treatment.


Is it harder to clean my teeth with lingual braces?


No, it is actually easier than with conventional braces! This is because you have easier access to your teeth. Additionally lingual braces completely prevent you from having white legions on the visible surfaces of your teeth, which is something that can happen with traditional braces.